6 Weeks to Simple Confidence

It’s time to STOP the Holiday waistline creep once and for all!

I never understood why people decide to WAIT until a ‘special’ time to make lifestyle changes. Shouldn’t that be something we do all year long?

I know it’s easier to think:

Oh, after the holidays it’ll be less busy.

In January, the parties will all be over.

Everyone starts in January, so I should too.

But Why? When you can start right now!

Why settle for adding on a few extra pounds by Christmas, just to exhaust yourself trying to take off those same pounds in January?

That doesn’t really make much sense, right?

You CAN propel yourself through the holidays, eating delicious foods, instead of feeling deprived.

Enjoying your parties instead of dreading them, because your dress feels a bit snug.

Actually losing weight instead of gaining this year!

I know that it can be a challenge to tackle weight loss by yourself.

You need a community but more than that you need a guide!

Let me be your guide through the

6 Weeks to Simple Confidence Program

A radical approach to self-care, mindset, and health.

I’ve mastered weight loss to the tune of nearly 50 pounds myself. But I did it by making a lifestyle change, not going on a ‘diet’. I changed my relationship with food and my eating habits to serve me, instead of leaving me feeling like crap.

I’ve also helped my husband and my clients lose 100’s of pounds, this year alone!

And I will teach you the same things! You don’t need another fad diet that leaves you irritated and hangry, you need a helping hand, and a community around you to support you and show you the steps to make positive lifestyle changes for life!

This was my husband and I just over a year ago. Neither of us realized that we both needed lose nearly 50 lbs each.

One of my clients, told me recently, that the most amazing change she’s seen isn’t just the weight loss, but it’s that she no longer feels “like a slave to food!” She doesn’t think about food all the time anymore!

How freeing does that sound!

You can feel that same freedom from food. You don’t need to let it control you! Let my 6 Week coaching program be your accountability and SUPPORT SYSTEM guiding you towards better health and weight loss.

The 6 Weeks to Simple Confidence Program Includes:

    • Weekly live video coaching sessions. Each week we will have a live 90-minute session, including Q&A for you to get answers you need immediately.
    • Weekly emails with mindset shifts and nutrition information you can implement right away.
    • A private Facebook Community for women only. With a community supporting you each step of the way, I know you’ll be successful.
    • Email and messaging support from me throughout the full 6 weeks.
    • I’m also including my 21-day Kickstart Nutrition Plan FREE! It is full of delicious foods you’ll enjoy, that will support your health and weight loss goals.

Don’t wait to make a change!

Don’t add on those extra holiday pounds

this year!

Take control, but you don’t have to do it alone!

6 weeks to Simple Confidence Program

Starts December 6th!

And it’s only open to the first 15 women!

I want to make sure that you get the personalized experience you deserve from me to really propel you forward, with a more positive mindset, and freedom to lose the weight you want.

Sign up before it’s sold out!

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