When you feel low energy, depressed, can’t sleep well, and your body just feels heavy, bloated and uncomfortable, it can make you think you should go to the doctor to find out what is wrong with you. Doctors have a very important place in our lives, in case we do have something really wrong, but before heading off to the doctor to help you sleep or find a prescription that will restore your energy and make you happy, there are 6 things you really should put some focus on and see if they will get you back to feeling more like yourself, more energetic, focused and happy.


The 6 best remedies for anything




Sunshine is essential to life. It provides the light that wakes us and helps to regulate our wake/sleep cycles and provides us with a feeling of well-being. Sunlight is not only the basis of all living things but crucial in boosting your bodies Vitamin D supply. Most Vitamin D deficiencies in the are caused by lack of sun exposure. But did you realize that our bodies cannot retain, metabolize and store Vitamin D if you are wearing sunscreen. Vitamin D is responsible for forming bones properly, muscle strength, and preventing osteoporosis.




Exercise’s health benefits are many. Exercise can combat and prevent health conditions and disease such as stroke, metabolic syndrome, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. It can also improve your emotional outlook and mood. Physical activity stimulates the brain to release chemicals that involve increasing memory function.  Exercise helps maintain healthy weight, improves energy, promotes better sleep, and lowers stress and anxiety.




Water comprises 50-60% of our adult bodies.  Water is essential for your cells to live.  It aids in transporting vitamins, nutrients and minerals to our cells. Necessary chemical and metabolic reactions in your body rely on water to remove waste products including toxins that your organs’ cells reject and removes them from your body. Your body temperature is regulated by sweating and the evaporation of water on the skin. Also, water is largely responsible for lubricating your joints and acting as a shock absorber for your brain, eyes, and spinal cord.




Rest is something we can all use more of.  Lack of sleep can cause a whole host of health issues ranging from imbalances in the hormones involved in metabolism, appetite regulation, your stress response, cardiovascular health, insulin resistance, immune function, tissue repair, muscle growth and protein synthesis.  It’s easy to take rest for granted but do not underestimate the power of sleep.




Balance and eating whole unprocessed foods are the best ways to ensure your good health.  Most our building blocks for cell growth come from the nutrients we consume. The quality of the food we put into our bodies is important in lowering many health risks such as cardiovascular disease, cancer, and weight control. Protein is crucial in muscle growth, hemoglobin, cell structure and enzymes formation. Fat provides energy and feeds your brain.




Air is an obvious essential of life.  It is important in about every function of our cells.  Be aware of the type of air you are breathing.  Pollution and contaminants in the air can impair lung function.


All these elements are so intertwined in the quest for better health.  Exercise requires that you stay hydrated, breathe deeply, possibly out in the sunlight and therefore you will rest better. These are mostly free, easy solutions that we forget have powerfully positive effects on our health. When you use them to their fullest, they work together to bring you greater health almost effortlessly. It’s easy to take them for granted because they are always there, but it’s time to pay attention to all of these elements and utilize them!

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