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Back To School Roundup

Getting ready for back-to-school can be filled with so many choices, so many decisions that need to be made. Like which unicorn notebook really feels like the right one, and how many glue sticks do they actually need in a classroom!!   What to feed your kiddos, and...

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Buffalo Cauliflower Bites

I absolutely love the Boneless Buffalo Chicken bites that you can usually find at all sorts of restaurants. But they are always breaded or battered in something flour based. Because I avoid processed flour and many processed carbs, I avoid having these when I eat out...

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Are You Over Eating?

What is overeating?   The definition of overeating is eating an excess of food in relation to the energy that your body expends, leading to weight gain.     Why do we overeat? There are a variety of things that lead to overeating. Here are a few of the most prominent...

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