Why rely on  your “WILL POWER”

to keep you on track eating a healthy diet?

Ultimately you need a plan! A weekly meal plan to be precise.

Why is meal planning important? Because it take the guesswork out of what to make for dinner each day. It frees up your brain to think about things that are more important to you every day. It also allows you to save money by purchasing the foods you need, and actually using them.

Yay! to less food waste!


Should you meal plan on a specific day each week? I say yes! It’s important to make it a habit, so planning a set day to sit down and write out what you will make for meals the rest of the week will solidifying that habit in your mind and in your life. I do my shopping on Saturday mornings with my husband, so I like to plan my meals on Thursdays each week. Then it’s done, ready to go, but my Friday evenings are left open for date nights and relaxation. Not more work.

I’ve created a great resource to get you started with your meal planning. It includes my favorite section that is usually missing from most meal plans: a spot to write down where to find the recipe! It’s super frustrating to plan out all your meals, then at 5pm on Wednesday, you have to feverishly search for wherever the heck you found the recipe to begin with! So make a note about where it’s stored. If it’s in a binder, write down which one. On a website? Write the web address. Saved it to a Pinterest board? Write the name of the Pinterest board down. It takes the stress, the guessing and the frustration out of making delicious, healthy dinners for you and your family!

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