I eat out, you eat out, we all eat out,

some of the time!

Restaurants are more than just a place to get food. They are social gatherings, our kid’s celebrations, the stress reliever at the end of the busy week, and the busy soccer mom’s saving grace. They are engrained in our lives, so it’s totally expected that you would be wondering if they have to be a thing of the past now that you’ve embarked on a whole new nutritional journey.

I’m happy to say that no, you don’t have to avoid restaurants.

There are a lot of great ways to stay low-carb/keto eating out. You just need a solid strategy in place to beat all the added sugars and carbs.


  1. Research the restaurant first. With the Yelp app, or just googling the restaurant, you can usually find the menu options. Some restaurants even have their nutritional information posted somewhere. Finding that can be a bit tricky sometimes, but a little extra searching might yield results.

  3. Look for meat dishes without breading.

  5. Scan for available sides and choose the vegetables.

  7. Ask for substitutions. Don’t be afraid to ask for small changes. Asking for a burger without a bun or served on top of a salad isn’t a huge inconvenience. And extra butter might garner a second glance from the waitstaff, but you know its ok, so don’t stress over that.

  9. Stick to certain types of restaurants.

    • Steakhouses and seafood restaurants are definitely going to have a lot of low carb options. Avoid the starches that are usually served there. The rice and potatoes dishes.

    • BBQ restaurants can be good too but avoid the sauces as those will most definitely have added sugar, and a lot of it. Ask for a side salad in place of the baked potato.

    • Chinese restaurants usually have great vegetable side options, just opt for the un-breaded meat. Ans sub out the rice or noodles for extra vegetables.

    • Greek and Mediterranean restaurants are usually fantastic options. A Greek or Mediterranean salad usually is made with a dressing of olive oil and herbs. Totally keto friendly. Just avoid the Pita and hummus.

    • Indian Restaurants can be a good option too because most of their dishes are gluten free. But gluten free doesn’t mean sugar and carb free. So, you still need to pay attention to the choices.  Dishes like Tandoori Chicken or Chicken Korma minus the naan bread or rice can fit well with a low-carb plan. Just double check the menus as some dishes like curries have potatoes and other starches plus added sugars.


  11. Fast food doesn’t have to be the enemy. In a pinch there are ways to grab food on the run and stay Keto. I definitely don’t think this should be a frequent option, but when you need something fast here’s what to look for: burgers or grilled chicken sandwiches without buns, salads minus the croutons but make sure to check any dressing packets and avoid the higher carb ones. Most sandwich places will happily serve a sandwich as a salad.

  13. Avoid certain types of restaurants. Pizza places, and Mexican and Italian restaurants. It is going to be much more difficult to find low carb options at these types of restaurants and there will be a ton of temptations that don’t fit in with your health and weightloss nutrition goals.

  15. Ask questions. Take control of your choices by asking about how something is cook, or what kind of sauce is served with it. Become an active researcher to take back control of your health!!

  17. Don’t stress! Being able to socialize at restaurants with our friends and family is an important and healthy part of our lives. So, enjoy your time! Find the best keto solution you can when you order, but don’t beat yourself up if its not perfect.

We aren’t going for perfection, we are going for a sustainable lifestyle!

What are your favorite restaurant options that fit your low-carb/keto lifestyle?

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