January is a time of renewal, growth and goal setting.


But what do you do when it’s only a couple weeks into January, and you’ve already “fallen off the wagon”?

There are a hundred tips and tricks, and hacks and habits I could talk about but I’m going to make this short and sweet.

My #1 tip to get back to working on your weight loss and health goals after you’ve faltered…


Just Start Now!


You don’t need any elaborate scheme, any tricks, or even to wait for a specific day. There are generally a bunch of decisions you make all day regarding health, eating, weightloss goals.


Just start with the next decision!


I know, you’re thinking that’s too simple, it must be more complicated than that! But really it isn’t!!

Making changes in your eating, and increasing your exercise levels, start with each and every time you eat. And each and every time you have an opportunity to walk a bit more, lift a bit more, or go a bit longer when you exercise.


So get out of your own head, stop making it over-complicated and get out of your own way.

Just start now!

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