Some common chemicals used frequently in skincare, haircare, and household products can add a little extra junk in your trunk!

Many of these chemicals can interfere with normal hormone function in your body. Hormones have quite a lot to do with weight loss and weight gain.

There are approximately 50 different hormones in the human body. Of those 50, around 10 of them have an impact on metabolism and fat loss or gain. They tell the body when to store fat, when to release fat, and how your metabolism should function.

Some hormones stimulate your appetite, and some will reduce your appetite. Some hormones, when elevated, increase the body’s stress response, which will contribute to brain fogginess, and decrease your ability to properly metabolize food. Your hormones can contribute to cravings and binge eating.

We even have hormones that are anti-inflammatory and are supposed to help with the process of breaking down fat.  But when inflammation becomes widespread in your body, these hormones aren’t as effective at processing your fat stores because your body is too busy trying to repair and undo the damage that the inflammation is causing you.


By exposing ourselves to a wide variety of chemicals throughout our day from the beginning of the day in the shower to the end of the day with the face wash and toothpaste we use, we increase the toxins and inflammation our body has to try and remove.


At some point the systems to remove these toxins get overloaded and it builds up.


Fatty tissue is where the majority of those toxins get stored when they can’t be removed from the body. Further contributing to hormonal disruption by hanging around.

You want to be able to help your natural detox systems work more effectively.

When my husband started losing weight, he developed an extremely swollen and painful lymph node in his neck. His lymph nodes were attempting to process all the toxins being released by the fat he was burning, but they were overloaded and got clogged up.

This same thing can happen to your liver when it is already full of fat and its detoxing function is slowed to a crawl. It gets overworked and overloaded and starts causing pain and increased liver enzymes. This can turn into non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and it is rampant in our population in the US. If it persists too long or enzymes become too elevated, it can cause irreversible damage to the liver.

We put such a load on our bodies, by using chemicals in a vast majority of products to clean our faces, our bodies and our homes, not to mention all the chemicals that are added to processed foods. At some point you need to eliminate as many of these toxins as you can.

I started my journey into eliminating toxins with my skincare routine, by creating products that are natural and beneficial, without harsh ingredients. I created my products to use nature to solve many of my skin issues, like acne, dry skin, and wrinkles.

I also wanted to be comfortable giving these products to my 16 year old daughter, knowing I wasn’t setting her up for storing unnecessary toxins in her body.

I also changed out our toothpastes, shampoos & conditioners, body washes and even my husband’s shaving cream.  For many years, I’ve looked for cleaner, more natural alternatives for cleaning products, and I continue to use as many natural  solutions as I possibly can.

I encourage you to look around at all the products you come in contact with each day.


Can you eliminate products with questionable ingredients?



Are there alternatives that will help your skin and body to work like it’s supposed to rather than harm your built-in detoxing systems?


Please share below what works for you!

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