Who is Keto good for?

I would say keto can be for most people. And I know that’s a blanket statement but I’ll elaborate.

Keto can be very beneficial for anyone needing to lose weight. It shifts your body to burning fat for fuel giving the fat in your body priority for giving you energy every day. So yes, you will lose weight doing a ketogenic diet.

But is it good for someone who doesn’t really have much weight to lose. From the words of one of my clients “YES”


On your plan I wrote a whole book (A WHOLE FREAKING BOOK) and lost ten pounds and was all cheery and shit. Since I faceplanted off the program I’m foggy and irritable, I blew up on my kid the other day because she peed her pants, she’s two, that’s what they do. It’s becoming really, really clear to me that my food is what’s causing all my mental shit. I need to get back on this plan! – Allison M.


She wrote a freaking book in 3 weeks on my program. That’s amazing!!

She had increased mental clarity, focus and energy. She was less moody and happier overall. Removing the foods that create brain fog, kill your energy because of insulin spikes and dips, and make you feel heavy and bloated, has huge benefits even if weightloss isn’t your priority.

Men do extremely well on a ketogenic diet because it can reduce the fat that accumulates in the belly area, the really unhealthy visceral fat. Men tend to be more susceptible to this particular kind of fat because of their higher testosterone hormones. A ketogenic diet can  restore balance to these hormones to reduce that belly fat.

Women can also do extremely well on a ketogenic diet because it helps normalize estrogen and other hormone imbalances that typically cause a whole host of problems for women, such as mood swings, polycystic ovarian syndrome, difficult and painful monthly cycles, and thyroid issues.

What about kids? I definitely know that feeling like you have to be a short-order cook anytime you start a new ‘diet’ is exhausting. But let me just ask you this…If soda and candy,and potato chips, and lots of refined carbs, and excess starches and other sugars in your diet, aren’t good for you, what makes you think they are good for your kids, who are still growing and developing their bodies AND their brains? If a sugar-laden cereal makes you feel sluggish and crappy all day at work, do you think it helps your kids function well at school?

No, just NO!!

Kids don’t need “kid food” they need real food. Whole foods with the healthy fats, healthy proteins, and healthy nutrient-rich carbs (aka vegetables) to fuel them and set them up for a happy, energetic, successful day!

Babies start out their lives in a mostly ketogenic state, and it’s through processed formulas, processed baby foods, and unhealthy “kid” food, that their diets and health turn into what is so typical today for a child’s diet, full of sugar and highly processed foods. But as the adults and parents, you control that. You buy the food. Feed them the foods you know will serve their health best.

This is about your health!!

Yes, your weight is a part of your overall health. Getting to and maintaining an optimal weight for your body is important. But that needs to carry you past bikini season. It’s about more than looking good in shorts in the summer. It’s about feeling good all year long. It’s about having the energy to handle your day to day, and still have some left for your family at the end of the day. It’s about being able to play with your grandkids and not be exhausted. It’s about not feeling like your 60 when your just 45 years old!

A ketogenic diet can give you all that by filling your body with nutrient rich foods and reducing the overall inflammation in your body that slows you down, robs you of energy, deteriorates your health and causes illness and disease.

The beauty of a well rounded ketogenic diet, is that you are not perpetually in a state of hunger and feeling deprived. It encourages mindful eating, because you evaluate your food choices based on how they make you feel. You become far more in touch with the effects food has on your body. And being more self-aware when it comes to taking care of your body is always a good thing.

Who is the ketogenic diet not for? Anyone who is underweight or has an eating disorder. Anyone with liver disease, as the detoxing effects of the ketogenic diet can elevate liver enzymes too high if you already have fatty liver disease. And anyone who has an enzyme defect or deficiency that negatively effects the body’s ability to metabolize fats, though this is more rare.

I fully believe that even if you don’t go fully keto/low carb, everyone can benefit from cutting out sugars, refined carbs, and excess starches in their diet. Focus on whole foods, vegetables, meats, and fruits. That’s where your vitamins and nutrients will come from. Not a box of cereal or crackers.


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