We’re talking about Energy Systems!

Do you know what your energy systems are and why they are important?


Our 4 energy systems are:


Physical energy

Moving your body

Mental Energy

Self-talk, concentration, creativity

Emotional Energy

Positive and negative emotion

Spiritual Energy

Values and purpose

The most important of these is Physical Energy.

I’m sure that surprises you. It surprised me! I thought Mental Energy would be the most important. But when I really thought about it, it makes total sense that Physical Energy is the foundation for all the rest.

So why is that?

Physical Energy is the fuel for all the other energy systems. It is the only one that creates more energy as you expend it. Think about times when you exercise in the morning, and you end up having a more energetic & productive day. You are creating energy to fuel all your other energy systems!

Physical energy makes it easier to have greater mental focus and creativity. When your body is physically exhausted, your mental state, your brain, feels that drain as well. Emotional energy is the same. When you are physically drained of energy, you are more likely to be moody and unhappy. It is much more difficult to keep a happy, upbeat, motivated attitude when your body is in a state of exhaustion. Spiritual Energy is no different. Spiritual energy is being in tune with the world around us and our values, then things we want in life, the reason for all of our goals and plans. When your physical energy is low, you are not in tune with your purpose.

Don’t be that hamster on the wheel, tiredly going through life! Come back and learn more about your energy systems and how to best manage them, plus how they relate to your weight loss goals!

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