Why do we need to pay attention to our LIVER and KIDNEYS when we are trying to lose weight, changing our diets, and getting healthier?

Every person’s health and well-being depends on how well their body removes and purges toxins. When we overeat or eat processed or fried foods, or anytime we are exposed to environmental pollutants or stress, the liver and kidneys becomes overworked and overloaded. most people’s liver and kidneys are not functioning optimally.

These 2 organs are responsible for a large amount of detoxification in our bodies.

The liver works tirelessly to detoxify our blood, produce the bile needed to digest fat, break down hormones, and store essential vitamins, minerals and iron. As you cleanse and shrink fat cells, you expose yourself to an enormous amount of those stored toxins as they have to be processed by the liver. Your fat cells are a reservoir for hormones and chemicals from our environment. When the liver is taxed, it can’t process those toxins and fat in an efficient way.

Our kidneys are one of the hardest working organs of the body. Everyday our kidneys filter out about 200 quarts (30 gallons) of blood, while removing toxins and excess fluid. Kidneys also monitor blood pressure, make red blood cells, regulate calcium to build strong bones, and balance out our fluid and electrolyte levels.


Signs and Symptoms Your Liver and kidneys aren’t Functioning Optimally


  • Acne and other skin problems
  • Bloating and gas, and other digestive issues
  • Acid reflux and heartburn
  • Skin and/or eyes that are yellowish (a symptom of jaundice)
  • Inability to lose weight
  • High blood pressure
  • Moodiness, anxiety or depression
  • Dark urine
  • Rosacea
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Excessive sweating
  • Bruise easily
  • Poor appetite

Foods that support Healthy Kidney and Liver function

Tomato Sauces
Leafy green vegetables:
(gourds, arugula, dandelion greens, spinach, mustard greens, chicory, beet greens)
Olive, hemp and flaxseed oils
Lemons and limes
Brussel sprouts
Green tea
Ginger and Turmeric
Pumpkin seeds
Algae products such as spirulina, chlorella, and blue green algae

Milk Thistle, Dandelion, and Turmeric Supplements
Eat Real Liver or Take Liver Tablets

Nettle, dandelion, burdock and ginger, and green teas also are great for liver and kidney support.


Give your hard-working organs some love and feed them the nourishment they need to keep them working hard for you, efficiently!

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